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                             CUSTOM RIVER CHARTS 


Each River charts is printed on canvas and varnished for protection.  Each Chart is gallery wrapped and includes a stainless steel wire on the back to hang.  The charts need no matting, no glass nor a frame (but the charts can be framed if so desired).  


For a quote on your own custom chart please provide the following info and we will quote your price.


Desired Width of the chart in inches : ____________

**Our charts can be printed up to 120”W (10’)   


Desired Span of the River to be shown on the chart : __________________  

**For example - Clayton, NY to Chippewa Bay, NY


# of Customizations  (these are $10 each) : _____________

** Customizations include special text / sayings/ photos / etc.  - these can be emailed to us - and we will properly size them and place them on your chart. 


We will send you the price quote and final size.   We’ll email a small image to proof.  Once you confirm your proof and chart specifications, chart must be paid in full.  Turnaround time is 2 weeks.  Pick up at either gallery or we can ship to you for an additional charge (shipping limits apply for oversized charts).


Here are just a few custom charts we’ve recently completed.   The Charts shown below range in width from 36” - 120”and range in price from $299 - $2,200. 

V Chart .jpeg
1. Wolfe to KRING POINT  copy.jpeg
D Chart .jpeg
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