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Stoneware Mugs - $28.95 each  /  Ceramic Mugs $14.95

Coasters $24.95 set of 4 - or $6.95 Each 

Ceramic St. Lawrence River Mugs

NOAA Chart Mug Image
From Official NOAA Charts
Island Cup, Grindstone to Club
NOAA Mug Chart, 11oz.
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Stoneware River Mugs

Blue Glaze Mug
Blue Glaze Mug with classic Chris-Craft
Mug - 1932 Chris Craft
Detail of 1932 Chris-Craft at Sunset Rock. Blue glaze.
River Shoal Brown Mug
River Shoal Brown Mug with Great Lakes Freighter.
Mug -Great Lakes Freighter
Detail of Great Lakes Freighter on River Shoal Brown Glaze.
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We have used our personal Mugs for many years,  they have been washed by hand, and in the dishwasher hundreds of times, and still look brand new!  Quality product-made in the USA. Mugs: $28.95 each.