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Custom Thousand Islands NOAA River Charts



1. Wolfe to Ogdensburg .jpg
Background Chart .jpg
1. Wolfe to Ogdensburg .jpg

NOAA Wolfe to Ogdensburg 10" x 48"

NOAA Wolfe to Blind Bay 15" x 40"

Wolfe Island Chart.jpg

NOAA Wolfe Island 25" x 30"

3. Lake Ontario to Clayton NY.jpg

NOAA Ontario to Clayton 26" x 34"

NOAA Lake Ontario.jpg

NOAA Lake Ontario 24" x 36"

St. Laurent Chart .jpg

St. Laurent 24" x 36"

These charts are printed using the actual NOAA (National Oceanagraphic and Atmospheric Administration) historical charts.  Most of the charts are now out of print, and have been replaced with modern tech systems like GPS. Because I have access to the NOAA Charts I am able to "seam" them together to create on continuous chart, without any gaps or breaks from the downriver end of Wolfe Island, to Ogdensburg, NY.  This virtually takes in the entire Thousand Islands region. Because of the way the charts were originally made the only section that does not seam well with the others is, Cape Vincent to Clayton.  This is a separate chart that cannot be accurately joined because of proportion differences in the original charts. Any section of any chart can be printed on canvas or paper, to almost any size needed. We have printed charts over 12' long.

Please note: We trim off the white borders around the edges around the: NOAA Lake Ontario to Clayton Chart, the NOAA Lake Ontario Chart and the NOAA Wolfe Island Chart. This makes the chart a little larger as well as the markings. This makes  easier to read, without effecting the proportions.

Additionally, charts can be customized for you personally to include, photographs, latitude and longitude readings, your name, or highlighting a particular place of interest with an icon (star etc).  These NOAA charts are a good way to learn the river, and are a great conversation piece when friends gather together. It is also a wonderful way for visitors that have never visited the river to understand a little better the width and breadth of the Thousand Islands. Printed on archival canvas or paper for many years of enjoyment.

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