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Ice Fisherman - Stainless Steel Base 10" x 13" x 13H

This stainless steel shown is hot cast in the traditional "Lost Wax" method. An original maquette (model) is made essentially of clay, but some features are made of wax, wood or even metal depending on the situation. The foundry will create a mold (negative) and a wax (positive) will be made from the mold. The wax is then dipped in liquid ceramic until a roughly 3/8" layer covers it. After the ceramic has dried the wax is either burned out or forced out using an autoclave, thereby the term lost wax. The ceramic is then fired at 1800º and while still hot molton stainless steel is poured in and left to harden. After it hardens, chisels, air hammers and sand blasters are used to remove the hardened but brittle ceramic from the casting. The stainle steel is then "chased" or prepared polished to a high sheen.  It is then mounted to its base and is ready for delivery. There are a number of other steps involved but this is the general sequence of events. A stainless steel casting is the will not rust or tarnish and lasts thousnads of years. 444 high carbon stainless steel.


Ice Fisherman - Stainless Steel

  • Returns will be accepted within 14 days of purchase - a 10% RESTOCKING FEEwill apply and buyer pays return shipping. Refund wirthin 48 hours after bronze is received in original condition.


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