This Channel Marker Light  is a little different from the Buoy Lamps in regards to its electrical connections.  This lamp is intended to be "Hard Wired" to an electrical circuit, and then switched from a regular houshold on / off switch.  It does however come with a  9' cord to plug in, but there is no on / off switch on the lamp itself. Because it is intended to be used out of doors, like on  dock no overhead roof is not necessary.  This Channel Marker Light is finished "natural", meaning that the steel was powder coated with a clear coat.  This allows you to see the welds, and mechanics, and even the rust, but it will not rust anymore because of the clear coat seal. There is only one of these special lamps available. All of the other features on this Channel Marker Light is the same as the others, the only difference is this was built for out-of-doors use. If you purchase the light you can request a clear, red or green LED Light.  The Antique Fresnel Glass Globe is taken off by turning the brass thumb screws. $1600

Outdoor Channel Marker