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Each Sculptural Buoy Lamp is truly a work of art intended to bring some authentic river into your home, cottage or office.  The lamps come in 3 color variations, International Red, International Green, & Natural or clear color.  The natural color, like the red and green buoy, is powder coated with clear coat.  The natural color allows you to see all the hand construction (welds etc) involved in its making.  Each buoy is plasma cut from solid steel, hand welded, and hand assembled before powder coating. The sockets are solid brass (not plated tin) and are wired for 3-way, LED light which is included (incandescent lights work as well). The shades are custom printed from authentic NOAA river charts popular up until about the early 80's. The shades feature the cahrts of the Thousand Islands. The buoy lamps can be customized by adding up to 5 digits or numbers. These numbers appear on the top half of the structure on the four right hand sides, and there is no charge for this additional customization.  The 5 digits can represent a birthdate, a specific buoy numer etc. The finial on the nattural color lamp is a solid brass sundial. Each lamp has a solid brass oval tag rivited to the top of the drum with its number, and a hand engraved signature by Michael Ringer. These lamps are functional art that are sure to become family heirlooms. Made in USA in the Thousand Islands by the best craftsmen in the world, American Craftsmen!

Red Buoy Lamps

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