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Original watercolor, Through the Needle's Eye is in the Lost Channel area of the river near the Candian Span of the Thousand Islands Bridge. A single rower in a classic St. Lawrence Skiff slides downriver and through the cut at the Needles Eye. A rain is softly falling on this Autumn day on the river. 10" x 16" on D'Arches, French, hot press, watercolor paper.

Through the Needel's Eye

  • All original painting regardless of whether they are acrylic, oil, watercolor or pastel are done with the finest quality paints available.  I use only series #1 or #2 pigments which are the most durable (fade resistant) on the market. After each work is completed it is either varnished with 100% UV protectors or is placed under Conservation UV protected glass.  All paintings are framed using the highest quality materials and methods to insure the work will last many lifetimes if taken care of. Little care is needed except to avoid the obvious - Don't hang art in direct sunlight and avoid hanging any works on paper (even though properly framed) in a high humidity area like a bathroom / shower or over a kitchen sink. The papers used in a watercolor are archival mould made paper known in many cases for centuries of quality. All oils are executed on either genuine linen canvas(never cotton canvas) or on a prepared masonite panel. 

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